How to make a Valentines Day floral bouquet 

Valentines Day Floristry Course
How to make a beautiful Valentines day bouquet 

This short course will show you how to make a commercial looking Valentines Day
bouquet wrapped in beautiful packaging.
This hand tied bouquet style is made using the French Spiralling technique, a method which is used in every florist shop in the world!  
You will never have to buy another fresh flower bouquet again! 
2 hours course £40 per person including everything you need.
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How to make a fresh flower gift arrangement for Mothers Day 

Floristry for Beginners 
Mothers Day flower arrangement
This delightful course will teach you how to make your very own floral gift for Mothers Day.  You will not only learn some fantastic floristry tips you will also be able to give your special person your beautiful creation.  
Students will learn how to make a posy style flower arrangement in florist foam.  This style is a round design in the shape of half a football!  Its a popular design and is seen at wedding tables, in fact most events where you need a table arrangement that sits quite nicely on a guest table.   
2 hours £40 per person.   Mother and Child 2 hours £50
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